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Papara Pro surf Festival 2015

Avec la collaboration des élèves de l’Ecole de Commerce de Tahiti
Vous présentent La PAPARA SURF FESTIVAL 2015

Papara Surf festival 2015

Date : 07 Avril au 12 Avril 2015
Importance : WSL Junior men’s tour, WSL Junior women’s tour, WSL men’s Qualification Series
Prix distribué : 1 837 500 XPF
Lieu : Plage de Popoti, embouchure de la Taharu’u située dans la commune PAPARA sur la côte ouest de l’île de TAHITI

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Papara Pro surf Festival 2014

Papara Pro surf Festival 2014 - Photo WSL

The 2014 Papara Pro Surf Festival was well received by media outlets throughout Tahiti, France and Australia. The event was hyped and interest increased on previous years through the addition of the ASP 1-Star Qualifying Series division. This resulted in good coverage and participation. The event reached an impressive $87,766 Advertising Value Equivalency for just the sample of online articles alone, if TV and Print were factored into the equation then the AVE would easily exceed the $150,000 mark for the event and sponsors.

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